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Packing Services

Experts in home removals, we provide complete packing services. Our packing services use a variety of high quality packing boxes to suit the individual needs of your move. Our experienced removal specialists ensure all of your possessions are securely packed and transported safely to your new house. If you would rather do the packing yourself, we offer a full range of high quality packing materials. Our packing boxes are suitable for all your home removals needs.

Following an initial enquiry, we will arrange a convenient date to complete a home visit. At the home visit we will perform a detailed survey of everything you would like us to move. A survey allows us to provide a free, no obligation, personal quote tailored to your exact requirements. Our team will provide expert advice and support about the packing materials you require. If you choose to do the packing yourself, we will arrange a convenient time to deliver the agreed packing materials to you. Once you’re packed, our removals specialists will safely transport your belongings to your new home.


We understand that every house move is different. That’s why we provide a wide range of heavy duty packing boxes to ensure you have the right size boxes for the job. Our packing supplies include:

  • Small, medium and large boxes
  • Wardrobe boxes
  • Bubble wrap, tape and packing sheets
  • Furniture covers

Call us today on 0800 021 4428 to discuss your packing material requirements and make the smart move with FTS Removals!

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We deliver a comprehensive range of professional packing services. Our packing and and unpacking options aim to suit the individual requirements of any home move. Following a free home survey, your project manager will create a detailed itinerary of items to be packed and moved. Once the scope of your home move has been assessed, our removals specialists will meticulously plan every detail of your move to the smallest detail. We will determine the varieties and quantities of boxes needed to efficiently and securely pack every room for you.

Once a packing and moving schedule has been agreed, our removals specialists will ensure they arrive on time with the packing materials and equipment required to complete the move to the agreed schedule. Our packing team have decades of experience so you can rest assured that your home move is in the hands of the experts.

Whatever your packing requirements, our expert team are on hand to help make your move seamless. So whether you require a complete home packing service and unpacking service, or just a partial packing service, we will ensure a tailored provision to meet your exact needs. Our professional packing services include every room in the house, loft, garage, outhouses and sheds.

Prefer to pack some rooms yourself? No problem, our removals specialists can happily pack specific rooms for you.We are committed to professionalism and guarantee due care and attention when packing your home. From clothes and kitchen crockery to furniture and antiques, we will securely and efficiently pack each item and safely transport them to your new home. We’ll even unpack every last box at your new house for you too so you can sit back and enjoy your new home!


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