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IT Solutions

We deliver secure IT solutions to suit the exact requirements of your business. The swift re-installation of IT infrastructure is crucial to any office relocation. So whether it’s 5 computers that need moving or 505 we have a qualified team of IT specialists to relocate your IT infrastructure efficiently. With FTS Removals you can rest assured that your IT equipment and server will be fully protected during the move.

With decades of technical expertise, we can disconnect, relocate and recommission your business’ IT infrastructure with minimal downtime. Our bespoke IT solutions are designed around the technical and logistical needs of your business. Your dedicated project manager will oversee the relocation of IT equipment and infrastructure. They will ensure all network and hardware configurations are replicated precisely during set-up at your new office.

We will remove any unwanted IT equipment and arrange for its environmentally friendly disposal. Our IT specialists will ensure that IT equipment is disposed of safely and securely in a way that fully protects any confidential data.

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Our IT Specialists commissioned 50,143 pieces of hardware in 2017.


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